I need to remind myself why I’m even finishing #dawnWIP. Yeah, if that’s not enough to tell me to shove into a drawer, right?

I have to because I’ve been trying to get this story out of my head. And I challenged myself to actually finish a story in its entirety.

I don’t know how much different from the original this story can be anymore. It’s unrecognizable. I don’t like the story further than the fact that I LOVE the MMC. Like seriously, I die when I read about him.

Storyline needs cleaning, but the world is just amazing (to me.) FMC has a voice (HOLY CROW did it shock me when betas said they loved the snark) but I don’t really like her. Is that a thing? There’s nothing wrong with her, really. She’s just very uninteresting to me.

She always has been, really. She’s normal and what’s to remain that way. I really wish she had more goals other than escaping a supernatural society and/or trying blend her two worlds together. (I think that’s what sequels are for. Maybe?)

As far as YAs I’ve read, the FMC is very meh, the MMC is oh so yummy, and the suspense is the plot of the story. I have no suspense but I have a boring FMC (which I hate to read in other books) and a steamy (to me and other betas) MMC. *thumbs up*

So, yeah. There’s the problem with #dawnWIP.

Tips? I’m running out of ways to save this story.