what is this?

The other day, I sat with my parents as they watched one of their telenovelas.

Basic plotline for those(((MEGA SPOILER ALERT))): poor girl falls for rich guy whose family either hates her or can’t relate to her, the lovers are separated, with time she grows strong/he doesn’t grow at all, she somehow makes a fortune or a name, and the lovers marry.

Sorry if you were watching one and I spoiled the ending.

But keep watching. It’s guaranteed to have kidnapping, murder, attempts of murder, rape, burglary, beatings, jail time, false accusations.

I bitched through the plotline. The heroine we were watching got raped then two guys fought for her and she was…innocent? That’s another thing to these stories. Heroine’s still a good person. (It comes with the territory of being poor.)

So I was pissed and mom says during a commercial, breaking from trance: “Mija, this is fantasy. This is what people need.”

I walked out and told her to enjoy her unbelievable fantasy. But it hit me.

Don’t I write unbelievable things?

Don’t I read crazy things?

In real life, things and choices would be different. A girl probably wouldn’t choose to become a vampire unless she was already a little out there.

Another girl would never break into state buildings to snoop on a guy who plays pool and is ultra creepy.

Bad decisions make great stories.

The soap operas might need to work on believability or they could give the people adventure.

What reasons do you believe there are for fiction? Am I wrong and do rational people date stalkers?