one sentence pitch

Janice Hardy (@Janice_hardy) tweets links on writing and every night, as part of my bedtime reading, I go through her feed for interesting/funny/enlightening posts.

I always find something good.

For example, I found one tweet that went like this:

The motto that can help you plot your novel

As I said, bedtime reading. I had no real reason to look at the link but curiosity of the motto got me to read.

The motto is “life’s what happens when you’re making plans” or something like that.

It’s supposed to be a plotting tool but the article showed some one line pitches.

And then bam. The story told in one line.

I could tell my story in one line!

*monkey shrill*

See, this thing…dang.

We’ve all heard of/read/watched Twilight, right? (Head out of sand time.)

The line might go:

A high school junior adjusting to her new home is drawn to an inhumanly beautiful student who she discovers is not human.


Have you read Hush, Hush? Of course you have.

Hush, Hush: A high school sophmore preparing for college partners with an annoying and handsome classmate who knows too much about her.

I really liked this motto. Obviously. And thought I’d share it with you guys.

Here’s one from the rewrite (because you haven’t heard enough of it): An eighth grader recovering from an accident befriends a new student who knows more about death than she does.

I hope this enlightened you as much as it enlightened me. I’m no pro (ha, me a pro at anything,) but I thought this was uber helpful. You guys?


places to look for stories

If you haven’t read my Twitter bio recently, I’m a fan of urban legends. Scary ones at that.

Actually, any story told and specific to an area (and above all creepy) falls into my love pile.

So yeah, I do get people coming up to me (virtually and real lifely) for a good story.

I hand out a couple of samples (Peru-Pishtaku; Japan-Teke Teke) and then I’m either an encyclopedia or a person to avoid confessing to.

Well fear no more, dears! Or fear more. Whichever. Here are my sources:

*ducks from tomato-throwing*
Type in scary urban legend and sift through glory. Oh, and sometimes the pictures are scarier than the stories. Still, awesome.

Excellent starting point for mythology/legends. Type something like Brazilian mythology and get stuff like Lobisomem.

If you can suffer a few minutes, SyFy’s Destination Truth has some good stories. My favorite show, though, is Paranormal Witness.

I use these for both entertainment and research/lessons for my writing.

Have other sources?  I’ll keep updating this.

*I know I learned about Slenderman throught Youtube and watched Japanese Celebrity Ghost Stories there too.

Destination Truth
Paranormal Witness
Ghost Adventures
The Dead Files
Syfy Saturday (movie marathon lasting all day)
Chiller (a channel with not even B movies. The channel also shows movies from other countries.)