on that thing called bridges

I am a big mouth.

I say what I think, especially when I’m tired of it.

I know a lot of you appreciate my blatant observations (thanks for the support and encouragement, tee-hee.)

But I’ve spoken to several reliable sources, cringed through old news, and my opinions should be censored.

NOT because people should be censored. Because of circumstances.

Say I wanted to be published or I got the chance to be (any form.) How do I expect my peers to help when I put their work down?

You might say, “They put their work out there.”

And it would be delirious for any artist to think everyone will love their work. (Beth Revis says it best.)

But authordom is community too. Just like I tear no one down on Twitter (screencap when/if I do,) I should never put down a peer.

“But,” you say. “How will you know if you get pubbed?”

I don’t know but I’d never burn a bridge. Not after crossing it, not when I have other bridge options.

I don’t mind the sacrifice. I’ll leave my opinions between me, my TC, my betas, and my CPs.

So yeah. That’s a thing. I’ll still blog about vague clichés and such but I won’t trash anyone (not that I think I have) so don’t worry. I believe in the freedom of speech the internet promotes.

This is just a thought.

The Management


the jacket

I am not a professional and this is all a product of me avoiding writing.

So I picked up colored pencils and drew a rose and flying petals.

On deviantart

That was one thing. (Also, the rights to the picture *are* mine.)

Then, another day, I needed stock for a cover while I brewed story ideas over. (Read: didn’t feel like working.)

But I didn’t have anything to play with but the rose. ‘Eh,’ I thought. ‘What the hell?’

The problem is that this cover’s too grown up for my story. Too light.

Of course, I love this thing to death but I don’t write the kind of stories it wants.

And then I thought of my friend who complained about buying images or rights and everything in order to promote and sell her book. (She ended up not doing it.)

I know a lot of people feel the same way.

I thought of the cover and someone out there has to love it or need it or want it.

I won’t feel bad if no one does (I’ll get to keep it,) but I thought I should try.

So, here’s what I’d like:
-if you think it’s a good match for you, tell me
-no, you don’t have to know me. You don’t even have to like me.
-you don’t have to follow or anything but you have to promote it. Who knows? I might see you looking out for others and fix a cover just for you.
-if you use it, tell me what the links are so I can put them on my blogs
-you can name me as the creator but only if you want to. Either way is cool with me.
-you don’t have to be self-published or in the business to. But I’d really like it if you were. *bats lashes*

What else am I forgetting? Oh yeah, it IS a giveaway and some things are customized (frame on author pic, etc.) but I can’t change the flow of it anymore.

And I do have another one (that I didn’t make a jacket for.)

deviantart hated this picture for some reason

Leave a comment  and I’ll pick a winner on Monday November 5. 🙂

EDIT: you must comment to enter. Otherwise…how will I know? O.o

Also, someone made me realize that this isn’t the first time I did book covers OR photography.

Here‘s where some of my photos are. And here are more things I made:

The Internet’s bizarre and did something to this one

There are others that I can make. Like this one, for example:

Sorry for the bulky words. I screwed up.

So, I can make different book covers if you’d like. So yeah. If you see something you like, let me know in the comments. REMEMBER Novemeber 5th.

And yeah, I might just give you guys a cover for the heck of it. Though this time, it’s purely giveaway. Next time I might just want to know what your book’s about. 🙂 (SO NOW’S YOUR CHANCE.)

desperate people do desperate things

I used to love Facebook. I had friends and family once. (No, I still haven’t gotten rid of them.)

So I spent my time liking things, updating statuses with hilarious quotes or pics of my friends. I spent A LOT of time in the profile world.

I got lots of friend requests from people who knew people who knew people who knew me. People who had no way of knowing me.

And it was terrifying. Not because I was opposed to being friends with strangers but because a lot of them had a fixation on commenting and liking everything I did.

It lead to unfriending. Also, it lead to messages.

Them: why did you unfriend me?
Thought me: I don’t know. Please don’t kill me.
Regular me: *no reply*
Them: It’s been half an hour. Please! Answer.

Is this a cultural thing?

Ignoring went well. After a long time.

Then once, on a teen author’s page, there was a similar thing. It was obvious the author hadn’t been online yet, because she answered EVERYONE but one person didn’t get that. She kept posting and posting. More frantic, more scared. Pushy, angry. And finally…the posts were gone and I assume she was blocked.

I know that’s what I would have done.

Call it caution or pop culture, but, anxious people, don’t look so desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.

Like murder their idol. O.o

I’ve had several people do this to me. On Twitter too. They try to engulf me and then I back off. I like my life (and trust me when I say I’ll do whatever to preserve it) so don’t do something creepy.

Don’t be pushy or anxious. You know those Chinese finger puzzles? Where fighting it won’t free you? (Please don’t quote that to me. Creeptastic.) Well, fighting for me or someone you’re obsessed with won’t get you anything but fear and caution. And a restraining order.

The more you tug me, the less of me you’ll get.

So remember, reign it in. Don’t obsess. Be calm.

Why i unfollowed you, your blog, or other stuff

Most people will tell you ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’

It’s both.

It has to be or maybe people are petty. (I know I can be.)

But here are some of the reason why I (or others) have unfollowed you.

1. You’re full of yourself

Anything that has a mention of you gets promote on your site. EVERYTHING. Including an answer to your sarcastic late night tweet about that muppet election.

Or, your feed’s a bunch of thank yous, spam of your book, or rallying up fans against nonfans (You KNOW who you are.)

2. You’re full of nothing

You don’t tweet and when you do, it’s spread out over weeks.

Sometimes, it doesn’t bother anyone (sometimes you don’t show up on a feed) but when you’re awesome with tweeting, people notice you’re gone. It’s frustrating.

3. You’re full of nothing pt. 2

This is less you don’t tweet and more that you tweet but don’t RT or talk or anything. So you talk to a wall and you’re a wall too.

For feeds on like pages and blogs, it’s the same. You send messages into the vastness of the internet but that’s all you do.

4. You’re full of Speak No Evil

As in, you bring out the heavy topics?

Religion, Politics, Choice–EVIL.

No one ever wins and there’s always a fight. Wanna know why? Because we’re not clones and we’re not sheep. Sheep don’t go on the internet to meet new people.

We will never agree so keep the discussion to puppies and that damn new show with the terrible dialogue and the hot, smoldering eyes…*shivers*

5. You are full of something else.

Not crap. Just meh. I am disconnected from you and my news feed could use some space for my besties and the pros.

So it’s a combo. You could help me promote or talk to me but not everyone likes everyone. I am sorry for that but it doesn’t mean we can’t be civil.

The best thing you can do is interact, help (as in promo) the people you can truly stand behind, and be yourself.