another Twitter post

Happy 2013!

I’m writing this as I rush around prepping for a birthday party and interstate moving thing.

Yep. Yep, yep, yep.


Anyway, relieving frustration and sheer fury, I’d like to talk about social media. Big surprise, right?

Sometime in fall, I broke my phone well enough that I stumped several T-Mobile employees. So I had to do a reset on my phone and had to reload some apps.

One of those was Twitter.

Cue cringing.

The display stuff was so different but I got back to tweeting. And this new version has nice features.

For example, I can see others’ activities or know when someone RTs/favorites/rolls their eyes at me.

It’s a lot of power. And pressure.

Some businesses follow for follows, just as people do.

In theory, it’s easy to get me to followback.

1. @ebelleful is my writing account so am I likely to stay connected with non-writing focused people? Not when I have other accounts/lists for that.

2. After that, I check the tweets. Links turn me off. No tweeting is pointless to follow, no? Thank yous and spam are accounts I wouldn’t follow. And I wouldn’t follow a shrine account even if it was dedicated to Sailor Moon. I won’t follow tributes to anyone else.

3. Always talking to me doesn’t guarantee a follow. The moat that happens is getting put on a list.

It’s because I see this home feed every day. For news, for jokes, for community. I talk to amazing people and if any of those awesomes are bumped, I don’t want it to be because you RTed a homage to your amazing self-pub.

It matters to me if people talk, if people have something good to say, if people are worth promoting.