Movie Night with Author Janice Hardy

Today, we have a very special guest on the blog! If you didn’t read the title, I’ll tell you now! YA fantasy author and Twitter writing-link queen, Janice Hardy and her The Healing Wars Trilogy.
The first book revolves around Nya who, with a touch, can shift pain from person to person.
1.) This is such an exciting book! Who’s playing who in the movie?
Nya: Nya’s has always been the hardest to cast, but I think Stefanie Scott would play her well. She can pull off a sadness and a strength in her eyes that captures Nya’s spirit. She might look fragile, but don’t mess with her or threaten those she loves.
Tali: Hayley McFarland, even though she’s probably too old for the part now (grin).  But when I first saw her I knew she was Tali. There’s a wide-eyed innocence wrapped around iron in her.
Aylin: Molly Quinn for sure. She’s perfect. Sweet and lovely, but fire underneath is you push her too far.
Danello: Devon Gearhart has that same sadness and strength as Stefanie Scott, so he works well as Danello (the love interest). He has that “I’ll do whatever it takes to protect my family” vibe.
Jeatar: Aaron Eckhart has the perfect mix of average Joe with strength and fortitude underneath. You might look right over him on first glance, but then you realize there’s so much more there and you really should have paid attention.
Soek: Tom Holland. He gives off a nice, “I’m a good guy” vibe, but you can see hidden depths there. I think he could pull off Soek’s humor as well.
Zertanik: Robert Downey Jr. has the wonderful blend of disarming humor and charm, with danger and ruthlessness underneath that fits Zertanik well. He seems like a simple businessman just making a deal, but every quip has barbs.
Lanelle: Isabelle Fuhrman. I think she could walk Lanelle’s “too close to the edge of good and bad” well.  
Kione: Josh Hutcherson has a good mix of handsome, yet you’re not sure you trust him, that works well for Kione.
I AM ALL FOR THAT! (Nya! <3)
2.  Who’s writing the screenplay?
Joss Wheadon, because A) he writes amazing female leads, B) he writes amazing ensemble casts, so I know my other characters will be done right, and C) he’s just an amazing storyteller and writer. The Shifter is pretty dark at times, and he could do the dark and still get in the humor and levity to keep it from being too dark.
This is all true. Shifter is the next Joss movie.
3. Director?
Joss Wheadon for the same reasons. I’ve been a fan of his since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and I love his style. He really knows how to make a character shine and bring out the personal conflicts so they don’t get lost in the fancier external conflicts.
4. Producer?
Robert Zemekis. He’s produced some of my favorites, such as Back to the Future, Romancing the Stone, and Contact. He’s very good at putting the right team together with the right story.
OOH! I didn’t think he’d be mentioned. That’s a very shiny choice.
5. Okay, okay. This movie’s coming together in my head. It needs the perfect soundtrack. What/who is on there?
This is a tough one since I write fantasy, so traditional songs don’t really apply, but I’d love to see The Heavy on there. They have such an unusual mix of music and styles. I’d like to see what they could do with a movie soundtrack.
(I’m totally adding them to my to-listen queue.)
6. What’s the one line on the poster?
Either: How far would you go to save the ones you love? or She can heal–or kill–with a touch.
Shiny! Thank you so much for stopping by, Janice!
Here’s the B&N link for Janice’s The Shifter, the first book in The Healing Wars Trilogy.
You can also add it to your GoodReads here.

Movie Night with Author Juliana Haygert

It’s Friday! And today we have New Adult author Juliana Haygert and her fantasy, Destiny Gift. (Which, by the way, for a limited time is less than a dollar!)

Destiny Gift, the first in the Everlast trilogy, follows nineteen-year-old Nadine lives in a dark New York City and has the visions to bring sunlight back, if the forces behind the darkness don’t stop her first.

1.) Yay! I’m so excited to have you and I’m so excited to see your cast! Who’s playing who in the movie?

Nadine = Alexis Knapp (darker hair version). Nadine is so perfect in my head, and I don’t mean perfect = flawless. I mean perfect, that the way I imagine her is so vivid … it was hard trying to find an actress to match her. I think Alexis Knapp was the closest I could get to.

Victor = Evandro Soldati (his lighter hair version). Well, I just always had Evandro, a Brazilian model, as Victor in my mind. He isn’t an actor, but he’s a goddamn great (aka yummy) model 😉

Micah = Sean O’Pry (with dark contacts). Okay, this one is near and dear to my heart. I love, love Micah. Well, Sean O’Pry is so handsome, in a rough kinda way, just like I imagine Micah. Micah is also mysterious … now look at the pic. Perfect, right?

Ceris = Taylor Schilling. This was also a hard one. Ceris is older than the others (just like Imha and Omi), but she’s equally beautiful. And her face, her features, are supposed to be lovely. I think Taylor Schilling has this sweet air about her that makes her a good choice for Ceris.

Imha = Scarlett Johansson (with pitch black hair). I love this pic of Scarlett. It screams CRAZY! Just like Imha is.

Omi = Karl Urban (with goatee and scruffy hair). Karl can pull off the hard, unscrupulous gaze of Omi as if he was born for that. Plus, he is very handsome, and although he Omi is kinda evil, all gods and goddesses are stunning, powerful.

Morgan = Viggo Mortensen (with longish, shaggy hair). Viggo can morph into any kind of character he wants, and I can easily see him as an easy-going Morgan, talking about the Everlast all the time 😉

Fates = Gwyneth Paltrow (with white hair). Another hard one. The fates are three identical women with ageless features. With a dull makeup, Gwyneth sure does get that look. And I can see her doing the whole I’m-so-powerful-and-I-don’t-need-to-show-it-off vibe of the Fates.

2. That’s amazing! I want to see this movie! Who’s writing the screenplay?

Me? HAHAHA Yeah, but I would like to be consulted, at least, you know.

Can I have a combo, like Joss Whedon does everything? Writing, directing and producing? lol

Other than Mr. Whedon, I confess I don’t pay attention to this. Wait, maybe I do since I think Julie Plec is doing a great job with The Vampire Diaries, and Steven S. DeKnight did an AWESOME job with the Spartacus series. So, yeah, if Mr. Whedon isn’t available, I’ll be happy with either Julie Plec or Steven S. DeKnight.

Ooh! Excellent choice! I’d want to work with someone too.

3. Director? (Like I really need to ask.)

Joss Whedon please! No explanations needed …

If he’s too busy, Christopher Nolan will do 😉

(CHRISTOPHER NOLAN!) *Acts professional*

4. Eh-hmm. Wanna change your mind on the Joss Hurricane? Maybe for producer?

Another thing I don’t pay much attention to, but I keep my statement from above: Joss Whedon.

Or hm, Jared Leto? I love all of the Thirty Seconds to Mars videos and he’s the one behind them 😉


5. Who HAS TO be on the soundtrack?

Florence and the Machine would sing the main song, for sure. Another song by Leona Lewis (love her voice), and OneRepublic. Also, Breaking Benjamin and Daughtry lol Oh, jeez, this list could go on for a while.

One thing I know for sure about the music, though: the score has to be by Two Steps From Hell – love them!

WE’RE SOUNDTRACK TWINS! (Except Daughtry.)

6. What’s the line on the poster?

The same one that is on the bookmark: “Her gift will bring light to a world of darkness.”

 *gets the willies/shivers*


7. This is all you. Did I miss something?

Wow, this was too much fun! Thank you for having me! 🙂



You’re made of awesome! Thanks for stopping by, Juliana!

And the rest of you can get your paws on Destiny Gift here!

Cover Reveal! The 400lb Gorilla by DC Farmer

Hey, all!

Do I have a treat for you!

I’m revealing the cover to The 400lb Gorilla by DC Farmer. Just wait!

Look at the description:

Matt Danmor thinks he’s lucky. Not many people survive a near death accident with nothing more than a bout of amnesia, a touch of clumsiness and the conviction that the technician who did the MRI had grey skin and hooves.

Still, it takes time to recover from trauma like that, especially when the girl who was in the accident with you disappears into thin air. Especially when the shrinks keep telling you she’s just a figment of your imagination.

So when the girl turns up months later looking ravishing, and wanting to carry on where they left off, Matt’s troubled life starts looking up. But he hasn’t bargained for the baggage that comes with Silvy, like the fact she isn’t really an English language student, or even a girl.

Underneath her traffic stopping exterior is something else altogether, something involving raving fanatics bent on human sacrifice, dimensionally challenged baked bean tins, a vulture with a penchant for profanity, and a security agent for the Dept of Fimmigration (that’s Fae immigration for those of you not in the know) called Kylah with the most amazing gold-flecked eyes…

The 400lb Gorilla is caustic, (vampire-free) introduction to the Hipposync Archives: Contemporary fantasy at its sparkling best.

Doesn’t that sound like the coolest thing you’ve ever heard? WANT.

And now here’s the cover:

The book release February 2014 from Spence City.

Movie Night with Author L.M. Augustine

Tonight we have L.M. Augustine and his debut contemporary CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE, available now.

135,789. That’s how many subscribers sixteen-year-old West Ryder has on his web vlog series. But he only has eyes for one of them. Turns out, she’s his best friend.

Exciting, no? Let’s see the movie!
1.) Who’s playing who?
West would definitely be, as my friend Helen Boswell correctly pointed out, a younger Austin Butler.
I picture Cat as Ariana Grande, with the same color red hair and everything.
West’s mom is not exactly alive throughout the book, but I think of her as a lot like Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side. Strong, passionate, and a little bit old-fashioned.
West’s dad… okay, for him I really have no idea. I don’t have much a physical image of him in my head; he’s more defined by his personality.
2. Who do you want to write the screenplay?
I would LOVE whoever wrote Pitch Perfect to do the screenplay! That movie was so off-beat, brilliant, and well written, and I like to think of Click as having the same dorkiness, insecurities, and awkward romance as presented in Pitch Perfect. The two aren’t the exact same stylistically, but there are some similarities. Plus, the Pitch Perfect writers really nailed their creation of fresh and interesting characters (Fat Amy, anyone?), which would be my number one goal for a Click movie.
3. Have a director in mind?
I’d say Jason Reitman! He does a lot of quirky stuff.
4. Producer?
Anyone who gets the book, really. 🙂 No preference here!
5. GOOD ANSWER. On to my fave: Who HAS TO be on the soundtrack?
Phillip Phillips! I feel like his Gone, Gone, Gone fits the book perfectly. Not only about West and Cat, but if you get rid of the more sexual parts, it can also be about West and his mom. Overall, though, the theme and voice of the song is a lot of what’s in the book. (I also like the music video, because even though none of the actors look like Cat and West, the baby pictures and snapshots and memories and everything really show how well the two love interests are connected–like with Cat and West.)
6. I am now married to your soundtrack. But what’s the line on the poster?
Hmm. The first thing that comes to mind is “West is in love with a girl… too bad she doesn’t exist.” but that is not very indicative of the mood of the book. So let’s just say that I should not be given the poster line task if my book became a movie. Ha!
 7. Bahaha. TRUE. *severe look* What did I miss?
Thanks for having me!
Thanks for playing!
Add CLICK to your GoodReads here.

Cover Reveal! Project: Boy Next Door

Sorry for the lateness!

Today, I have the honor of revealing the cover of the late LK Madigan‘s last novel PROJECT: BOY NEXT DOOR.


Being the son of a mega-famous mogul isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, which is why super-smart but socially awkward teen Melvin Pepper wants to try something new: anonymity. To attend a regular high school, get a normal job, meet real people. A break from the pressure and facade that come with crazy wealth and a world-renowned last name.

But Mel quickly realizes that being Mike, his alter ego, isn’t as easy as he’d assumed. He gradually makes friends at work and school and becomes involved in the radio club, plus navigates the rocky waters of first crushes and first kisses. However, he discovers someone out there is on to his secret and is threatening to expose it. 

And that’s not all. One of Mel’s new work friends is hiding a dark secret of her own, and Mel feels helpless to make things better for her. He struggles with juggling two very different identities, balancing jealous old friends and nosy new ones. Yup, Mel’s in way over his head…and the only chance he has to make everything right is to be true to himself.

You can add it here

Here’s the gorgeous cover!