My Super Chill Playlist

Since I’m always asking for good music to listen to, I thought I’d share some of my favorite music to write to. This is mostly in-the-background music for those of you, like me, who need some semblance of living things around.

Julian Kruse: Fallen from the Sky

Rameses B: I Need You (ft. Charlotte Haining) (CMA Re-Remix)

Julian Kruse: Breathe

A.N.O. vs Shadowx: Let It Breathe

CMA: Fragments of the Past

Hope you enjoy! ❤

Until later!


Drunk Let It Go Link!

So, I wrote a drunk parody of a beloved Disney song. Holla!

And, for those wondering, this is the source of the Elsa picture and the owner.

Why Sailor Moon R is No Better than Crystal

One of my little visitors is a professed Frozen fan. She even has her hair braided like Elsa. You know, as little kids do.

And as I discussed with my mom my dislike of where Frozen went (loved Let It Go, but that’s it) my mom said: “When you’re little all writing is perfect.”
And for the most part it is. As a child, I never noticed how abusive Mamoru is with Usagi in R. But as an adult, I am furious.
You had a dream, dude, and now you’re breaking up with me? You’re not even going to explain? Just a few days after we get back together?
And the worst part is, even though he regrets hurting her, he never explains so she’ll stop blaming herself.
Or do this. Dick move, jackass.
And her friends are assholes rarely give her advice. Like, “Keep waiting for him. He’ll come around.”
You’re a cunt, Ami. You have been all season long.
He just treated her like crap. But this is between them.

It’s another thing my kids won’t watch. Relationships are about trust. And communication and about dealing with things together.

I mean, seriously. Who would go back to someone who, for no reason, tore their heart out?

I never have felt so disappointed as when, out of nowhere, this happened:
Like, Usa, he was right. Just because you killed yourself in your past life over him, does not mean it’s a forever thing when you get a second chance.
Like get yourself another man whoever.
Or be single. You fucking rocked single.

As a bonus, I can’t believe she

Didn’t tell him

It was a bad and hurtful thing to try to separate them. Not to mention fucking useless. Why would you be together now if you broke up in the past?

Did I not understand the plot?

Goes without saying, pretty useless thing for plot in R.
Up next, how much I hate Ami.

(Just assume that all these segments are about how evil people around Usagi are.)

EDIT: Chibiusa I will get to. I hated Ami more this time.

What Makes Me Angry with Sailor Moon Crystal


First off, let me say, I watched the anime before reading the manga. Mostly? Because I couldn’t even read when it broadcast where I lived.

Understandably, I’m attached to the anime of the 90s more than the original version, but I was so happy about last year’s reboot. Duh! Sailor Moon made me want to tell stories, my now lifelong passion. She’s dear to me.

But last year’s reboot.

I could list everything that got me–the fast pace, the very scrawny drawings, blah, blah–but, again, I knew this is how the manga rolled. Not a problem.

BUT I liked it. I binge watched it when I was off work. I was so super proud and happy and in love again when this happened:

“I will never be a tragic princess ever again.”

If you know the original story, Princess Serenity, Usagi’s past life, committed suicide after her forbidden lover, Endymion, the prince of Earth, died protecting her by his brainwashed people.

This was Usagi’s perfect vow. Which I thought would be a parallel to the 90s version.


I had never been so disappointed in Sailor Moon in my whole life. I wonder if that’s what the manga readers read. I know some people online are glad the 90s version which ended like this

happened. A much stronger, more mature Usagi. The 90s version loved Mamoru just the same as the Crystal one but THIS ONE was a real superhero, not even a little selfish by following her duty to protect Earth from the darkness that destroyed their lives before.

It’s weird. I know I should like the original but I don’t.

Adaptations are for fans. The original is for the creator. This adaptation makes me a little depressed. Because it tells girls that even though they can be powerful superheroes, when it comes to losing love, you might as well end it in a murder suicide.

Okay, maybe not that far, but I feel like I am a million times a better person for the 90s version and I totally don’t plan on showing my daughter/son Crystal until after they’ve watched the subbed 90s version. 🙂

Ah. To get that off my chest and drop it into the internet, just another little flame to the big fire.

I still love Naoko Takeuchi. She’s wonderful for making a clumsy, silly, selfish, kindhearted girl a warrior and a princess–protected by super wonderful warrior girls!

And now, I’m off to finish season one.

What I Will Be Reading

I’m currently reading Fifty Shades of Grey before the movie premiere so I can go see it with my friends. (Yes, sit in the front row, wear raincoats. We’ve got it!)

Haha, but enough of that.

I’ve been planning and life-ing and I’m so happy that I will be able to read some of the YAs I’ve collected over the last few months.

I wish another Elizabeth Scott book was out but I have faith that there’s one out there I haven’t read yet.

Anywho, here’s my list of gems that I feel I haven’t heard mentioned enough:

Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang

If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin

The Chaos Walking Trilogy by Patrick Ness


 The Uglies Series by Scott Westerfeld

I know this will probably take me half a year since I read so slow but am so happy! 😀

I am too far behind on my TBR list!

Writing Scary Stories

I love Reddit. A long-time lurker and a part-time commenter, I can say that Reddit has everything under the sun. Even some things you never even thought of being interested in. One of my favorite parts of this site is NoSleep, where all submissions are deemed to be true life horror stories.

I know, it took me by surprise too that I would like scary stuff. Okay, okay. Back to the post.

The most important things I’ve learned from writing actually comes from this subreddit. Readers flutter. Fast and hard.

You have to trap them in sticky paper and let them struggle to get away.

Or something less morbid, like hook them. Like fish.

The second thing I learned was that after you run around in circles, telling me details that don’t really matter to the story, I lose interest and you lose credibility.

Think about it. How often can you give copious details about something happened to you? Let’s not even make it a scary event. Just something that happened on your normal routine. I know I can’t even remember how I got downstairs a few minutes ago and technology does have a lot to do with it.

I was carrying a Nook down the steps. Fifty Shades of Grey was making me cringe, but I can’t even remember what happened and I don’t remember why I haven’t eaten all day.

Now go back to something traumatic or scary. For me, just a few months ago, someone hit my car while I was in. All I could remember was traffic, car accidents, and the sudden double bang.

Do I remember the license plates or the cars in the parking lot? Do I remember what the paramedics asked me? The police?

It might not be the same for every situation but focus intensifies when you’re in danger. And the focus is you. Not the cashier’s name or the color of the sky or what time it was exactly.

Details like this don’t stick because they don’t matter. For example, I remember a truck in the accident because it nearly crushed me.

Another thing that really stuck out from some of these stories was that the really good ones didn’t bother to tell you what could have happened. It was extraordinary to watch the manipulation of your own imagination. True talent right there.

Which ties better into how to scare people. You will never blanket scare people. It can’t happen. Some people are scared of different things for different reasons. Let their imagination fill in the blanks.

Like, there’s something beyond this doorway.

Now, I get it. There’s a law out there that says that in order to be universal, we have to be specific. And it’s true. You don’t relate as well with cookie as you do with Little Debbie’s oatmeal cookies. Even if you’ve never tried them.

But going on about unusual things like a mixture of two different kinds of Kool-aid in his cup while someone is in the middle of an adrenaline rush?

This kind of weirdness only works at the beginning of the story or to slow the narrative down. (That’s great at the beginning if you’re starting with action.)

Now, just for the fuck of it, the first sentence of an imaginary story:

Mr. Randal stood on his itsy-bitsy porch, glass of berry-grape Kool-Aid in his hand, when Teddy Noel’s car spun in the cul-de-sac and ripped her neighborhood power a new one.

Seriously, though, check out NoSleep. It’s wonderful!