Movie Hangover: Ouija

Hi, everyone!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s my once-again very-freaking-late-to-the-party review of a stunning display of plagiarism that we have to take as cliche the movie OUIJA!


Most of the time when we (TC and I) watch movies, we’re caught in the new setting, the lighting of the piece and sometimes the characters. For me, at the beginning of OUIJA, I couldn’t help but wonder starting with the dark lighting? Okay. Original.

As the movie progressed, there was promise. Because the house this story centered on was gorgeous, with what the producers must have thought was the average teenager’s room–please see Paranormal Activity: The Chosen Ones for a good teen room portrayal.

But still. A gorgeous setting? Who doesn’t see the promise in that?

Then I knew this was probably not what I paid for when the inevitably MIA parents were cut out around The Darkening. Um, what? Why?
The lack of adults, though, is the king of teen tropes. Please see the first two seasons of Awkward. to see how parents can still be part of a teen’s life.
I’m not sure why this was so telling but it was. I just knew that this was not the last “standard” this movie would follow. But it’s not in my nature to walk out. Something I wish I’d take up already!

The next scenes took the suspense right out. Escalating, cutting out violent deaths, the works. A few cheap scares and very cliche plot twists later–actually, so many that I wondered when I’d ever get out of the damn movie theater–the film ended the way it began. With nothing making sense. And nothing resolved.

“Get me out of this fucking movie!!!1!”

So yeah. Standard bad is good, good is downright fucking evil, and the works.

I miss the good old movies that left no glimmer of hope or sanity. Sigh.

Whatever happened to Ouija, I hope it never comes back again. Because that’s true horror right there. ba-da-ding!

NOTE! I am super excited for Insidious 3! Who’s with me? 😀


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