Changes are coming!

Hi, all!

So I am constantly making changes here. That’s not about to change.

  • One of the things I’ve always wanted to do was feature book deals. Books that are having a promotional, like the first in a series, or that are just having a good old fashion sale on any site. Because of the way my blog is built, that might not crowd together so well. But I am trying.
  • And Movie Night is coming back! If I can just get enough authors, we will once again have book premiere guest posts and interviews.
  • A special section for reviews. Books and movies and other things!
  • I’d really like to have a different layout.
I think what I’m saying is that we’re moving to a new address. I have left this address before. I have a lot of memories here. But it hasn’t changed with what I’ve done.
I’m both excited and terrified of making the wrong move. But there’s no use in not trying.
So excited! Hope we have better communication in the next site!

Update: Coming soon!

Update #2: Hey! Change is definitely underway. If you’ve visited the link at all in the last few moments, you’ll see I’ve done a bit. I’d totally forgotten how much work it is to build a site! But I’m excited by how much space there is now and what I can accomplish! It’s going to be hard work but it will be worth it! 😀 Thanks again for your crazy support. You all know I don’t deserve it. 🙂


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