Book Review: UNINVITED by Sophie Jordan

ATTENTION: There are screen caps from the actual digital book. They are property of Sophie Jordan and her publisher. I claim absolutely no ownership and only quoted to show the points of this review. Cheers.


So I read UNINVITED by Sophie Jordan. I don’t even remember how long ago I got it, but it was on a deal to support the release of the sequel. I read the summary and was instantly attracted to the idea of the heroine being wicked and deadly.

It’s my thing and I definitely wanted to see a bad girl. Not the angels most of the YA heroines tend to be, so I bought it. And I finished it in the usual time span (for me, so like a month or two.)


And it was the longest read of my life. My stomach still clenches to remember. My eye muscles do too.


See, this is my first Sophie Jordan book and maybe it shouldn’t have bene but that’s what it is now. I expected huge things out of her. Not even in a mean way. I just expected to be knocked over by the writing.


I almost wish I was. The entire novel I held out hope that the story would make a change. Or rather, I wished the protagonist Davy would change.


I lost hope a chapter before the end. I guess, thankfully. All the pictures I just posted? They’re screenshots. This is throughout the novel. The thing that really kicked me out of the story and made me scream and throw my Kindle down.


Really. There were good parts in it. Like, I liked the ending. I won’t spoil that but even as forced and odd and too fast as it was, I did like the final imagery.

Which made me realize maybe I do wanna see if it gets any better in book two.


Overall, though. Not my fave. No one in here, other than Gil.

Hangover? or Coma? Definitely a coma.

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