Worksheet Fun: Snowflake Method by Randy Ingermanson

Hello, everyone!

Who’s ready for NaNoWriMo?

Right. Er, I mean ‘Write.’

Like some of the people who are actually writing this year, I will be revisiting an old story that just never got off well.

Even unfinished, I know where I went wrong. Hence, why I made a worksheet. I’m hoping some of you will find it helpful too.

So without further ado…

This has been a long time coming, first off! Second, this is all based on Randy Ingermanson’s method. I just put it into a form that I could print out and write on, since plotting is easier for me to do on paper. Here we go.

I obviously couldn’t put every little thing you could chart out of a character for the full character chart. I did the best I could but my mind was mostly set in young adult, so it might be lacking a few things you’d want to add about other important characters.

But feel free to change it by converting the PDF. It’s Randy Ingermanson’s idea, I hold no claim on it. I just rewrote what he wrote and Bubblecow so I could plot under pretty fonts.



Some things I learned from writing (hello, nearly ten years of steady storytelling–day in and day out in fictional worlds!):

If this is your first time writing, don’t write for anyone but you. In fact, don’t write. Tell yourself a story. Delve as deep and as far. Have fun. You like action like me? Push your character off a metaphorical cliff. Like romance? Have your hero walk by the love of his life in the first page. The first sentence. In the same heartbeat as the first word. Do it!

Don’t edit. Don’t even reread. Keep the vision in your head the vision in your head. Keep writing.

The more in tune you are with your character, meaning the less you have to do with what’s happening to what’s happening to them, the more genuine the writing. The surprise, the adventure, etc. Trust me!

Never, if someone gives you worksheets, think this is a fool-proof, perfect way to write. In fact, please don’t follow things like Hero’s Journey or Five Act to the letter. Because the most beloved stories are the ones who turn tropes on their heads.

Did I mention have fun? Because that is EVERYTHING. You will not meet a writer/author who writes other than for the reason of pure pleasure. 🙂



Let’s be writing buddies at!

❤ Best of luck, guys!


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