Catch Up with Me.

I didn’t blog this week. It’s largely because I had some strange work habits/other things to do.

I thought of just posting what happened early this month, but I think that it’s too long, too personal, and obviously too raw.

For those who don’t yet know, my cousin had cancer since he was four. He lived to be seventeen. He was a month and a few days to be eighteen–which he was excited about. So it was rather hard for me to…(understandably) understand. Then I had some things before that, but I went to a funeral. That’s the short answer. I feel like I should say more but there isn’t much more to it than that.

It was a funeral. 99.9% of us know what that’s about.

Now moving on to the revival of the color scheme: I went way too fast. I usually give myself a few weeks to gather the measurements, get the looks just write, etc. This time I did it all in four days. Not even whole days.

It’s nice and cool (color wise) and fallish but I don’t think I like it anymore.

So I will be starting to do something much more permanent.

Speaking of permanent! I’m changing one other thing. I’m considering changing some of the blog content. So changes to come obviously!

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 5.00.13 PM

But if any of you would like the Ribbon theme (the one above), please, do let me know.