Do You Ever

Get so bored you do weird things?

I mean. It’s not weird to me.

But sometimes I just get an idea for a story, make a cover for it and a small summary, and tape it up on my Wattpad.

Yeah, it happens.

Here’s today’s


From Wattpad:

There was nothing in her search history.

And his story didn’t make sense.

But Katly was more than the sweet, shy sixteen-year-old daughter of Sandwich, Mass.’s Dr. Amu.

Her death might never prove it.

It was inspired by a murder case being talked about on my TV. Just to not upset anyone, I won’t mention actual details other than I branched away from the situation. What if the one we cast as the bad guy was just an idiot who didn’t know how to tell the truth? But from her view.

If I ever went to it, I would do a dual third POV. The present and the truth (AKA Katly’s life.)

Meh. But just something to do while actively avoiding editing.

Here’s what the inside cover/query might look like.

When thirty-two-year-old Eli Fonseca’s Reddit posts lead investigators to the body of missing sixteen-year-old Katly Amu, the girl everyone in Sandwich Massachusetts has been looking for, the allegation is that Eli accidentally killed her during sex. Her family and friends swear shy, prude Katly would never. The authorities find no evidence Katly went looking for Eli.

But as the case comes together to put Eli on death row, Katly’s story unravels.


The internet.

The world conservative Sandwich would never accept.

Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

In the future, I might reread this post and think this is freaking horrible but right now, this is the best first try, not-overthinking-it I have done in so long.

(And if you guys do something similar PLEASE post the link in the comments. I LOVE COVER ART/SUMMARIES. <3)

UPDATE: Whoops! Turned this into a page instead of a post. This is work brain at its finest.

UPDATE #2: TC and I laugh at the “conservative Sandwich” part all the time. Just laugh and laugh. Conservative. Sandwich.


how to get me to comment on your blog

From the creator(s) who brought you that other how-to blog post on here, comes: HOW TO GET ME TO COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG!

I know you guys have been waiting for this one. I can feel it. (But I am a little crazy and pretend to feel the weather changing too even though I’ve never broken a bone.)

Let’s see. Where to begin. It’s not as hard as it seems. First, if you really want my opinion, shove your blog in my face. Use a catchy title or lie to me, flat out.

Once there, I won’t read a block of writing but if your paragraphs are small, I’ll forget why I came to your blog and read it.

Next, make sure you have voice. I don’t know what to say about that. I have no blogging voice. Blogs aren’t my dealio so that’s up to you, Captain Underpants.

And last, make sure I can comment. If things ask me to do stuff after I type up a reply, likely I’ll navigate away and throw the comment out of my head. No pop-ups or whatchamacallits. Human verifiers. They’re annoying and I have tech trouble as is 😛

Also, I liked weird pictures. Those are a bonus and if you have shiny pictures, I will come back and follow your blog. (YOU HAVE TO MAKE FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG EASY TOO!)

Don’t tell the author she doesn’t follow her own rules. She barely has a blog and barely knows how to use it. But this is for YOUR benefit. Not hers. She’ll forget this post after awhile.