Why Sailor Moon R is No Better than Crystal: Ami Edition

Hello, guys!

I know this series seemed extinct but no, it is not. For those who don’t know the series, here’s one on Mamoru being the biggest douchebag in the history of Earth. As I said before, just assume this series is about how much these characters suck.

I noticed and you noticed almost immediately how much of a bitch Ami becomes in season two (R).

When I was in high school I hated how overbearing and bossy some friends were about studying. I mean it went from “you should study” to “we’re not talking to you unless you study.

(On a side note, if anyone gives you a condition to speak to them or be their friend, that’s toxic. Do yourself a favor and walk.)

Seeing Ami constantly shoving what she enjoys at the other girls makes me a little sick and angry. Okay, maybe it’s beyond what she enjoys but Jesus. Let those fuckers flunk. You think Mina’s going to pause her dream of being a star to become a vet or something?

But what she does to poor Usagi.

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Who does that? Who goes out of their way to say the reason someone treats you like crap and jilts you because you won’t do one thing?

Another thing about friendship? You never justify the harsh things people do to your best friend. EVER.

None of this makes any ripple or gets address. I heard Naoko wrote a good portion of R classic. And I refuse to research it because I really do hate to wonder what the fuck is wrong with her if she did it. :/


Why You Should Watch Madoka Magica


So not too long ago, I started watching Madoka Magica on my magical girl withdrawal. (Hulu really has been too good to me.)

And it is the most confusing, darkest, incredibly sinister anime I’ve ever experienced. Admittedly, I don’t devour anime as easily as other things.

But when the genre of magical girl popped up, I thought I’d be watching an adorable anime about middle school girls dealing with love, their changing selves, and their duties to fight evil.

Madoka Magica is so far from the safety of adorable bunnies and hearts. In fact, SPOILER, in the first episode the mentor, or gatherer of magical girls, is nearly murdered by a magical girl.

The whole series, lasting only 12 episodes, is wrapped around the horrors of the contracts they made to get a powerful wish and become magical girls instead. Fighting things known as witches, inevitability that the protagonist is constantly fighting, and really just a very dark play on self love and selflessness.

The entire series is one emotional conflict after the other. Every episode balances on knife edge. If you love suspense, love darkness, love devil like contract making ferret mentors, this anime was made for you. JOIN ME.

Madoka Magica on Hulu.