I often complain about some of my classmates. Some of them are rude, others very petty (worse) than me, but most of them hate each other and never tell. There’s always drama, but I recently tweeted that one of my classmates (I get along with her too) had medical problems “up the yin-yang”.

I said it because I’m pro-natural choice. You eat better, excercise, and do the best you can, you’ll be the best you can. There are instances when your body can’t do something or the other no matter how hard you try. That’s where I think you have to med up.

This classmate had all kinds of problems and I saw how she ate and thought to myself that if she took care of herself instead of love about it, she wouldn’t have to interrupt class with her med stories.

Tweets on her specifically I might still stand by (I can’t remember them all) but she said something about her mother’s complications and I tweeted the same thing. This family obviously doesn’t take care of themselves, I thought to myself.

Well, later on, she said that most of her mother’s complications where from skin cancer. And I felt terrible. I shouldn’t have said that without knowing. I know I didn’t know but it’s one of the only times I opened my big mouth to talk about someone I didn’t completely know.

Moral of the story: I’ll never talk about anyone again. That I don’t know. I know a lot of my classmate because she talks about everything and I know what she’s doing is wrong. She knows it’s wrong. But I shouldn’t talk about her either.

Judging is bad.

So I wanted to apologize publicly for that because that was totally wrong of me and next time you see me talk about someone’s health/choices slap me over the head 🙂